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 Sam, a broody 17 year-old, was finishing up his latest essay for the school John was about to pull him out of before they moved onto the next town. He’d grown into a more manly body over the previous four years, shooting up to a robust 6’4”, towering over his brother and with more definitive muscles. His chestnut brown hair kissed his forehead and he wore his faded, favourite pair of runners, exuding an air of innocence that showed he was still the child of the family.

He looked up from his notebook to see Dean, his overbearing older brother, lying on the bed next to him giving his thumb a workout with the TV remote. Dean was 21, a fully fledged adult; able to vote, drink, have legal sex (not that he’d followed the later) and if he wanted to he could leave the family and begin his own life, but he never did. Dean had made himself a promise: to always follow Dad’s orders and to always look out for Sam. It was his job. What kind of life would Dean have? Sam wondered he’d never finished school. Hell, he didn’t even try when he was there. He didn’t have people skills, not like Sam. Sam knew how to talk to people; he could read the pain on people’s faces when he used to watch his dad and brother locked in the backseat of the Impala. They’d go knocking at people’s doors investigating what had happened to their loved one and what creature might have done it. Sam would study the pained expressions on their faces and could relate. He’d felt that pain all too well.


Since his short stint at Truman High four years ago Sam had begun to show his rebellious side. He didn’t jump when John gave an order and, unlike Dean, didn’t get excited when a new supernatural beastie was put down. Instead Sam found Mr. Wyatt’s words swimming around in his head, pushing their way into every out of the way motel room and every truck stop diner the Winchesters stopped at.

There are maybe three or four big choices that shape someone’s whole life, and you need to be the one that makes them, not anyone else. Just live the life you want to live.

These words were ringing clearer to Sam every day as his anger over being pulled away from the normalcy of school and on the road with his Drill Sergeant Father and gun toting older brother was getting to be too much for him. He wanted the opposite. He’d been introduced to the subject of law at school and he’d taken a shine to it - ironic, he’d think to himself, given that almost everything his family did to survive was against the law. He’d even gone to the school’s guidance councillor who’d told him he had a real shot at getting into a Pre-Law college degree at Stanford – little more than a pipe dream for the moment. Sam turned back to his essay; he wanted to get an A for this before they left for the next town.

John now left them for weeks at a time. He’d pay for their motel room for the entire month and go off hunting, leaving Dean to ‘father’ Sam- that’s the way their “family” worked. Sam couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had a decent meal. His first proper Thanksgiving was at age eleven at Stephanie’s house with her family. Someone else’s family. It was also the first time a girl had squeezed his thigh, Sam had nervously jumped at the eagerness of her hand and at that point he wasn’t prepared for a girl showing her affections. He remembered thinking Dean would have handled himself better. Hell, thought Sam, he probably would have been making out with her five minutes later.

Before John left them this time, Sam did what he’d been afraid to do for years. He stood up to his father. John told them to stay put in the motel room only leaving for food, supplies and school. For Sam, this was torture. While friends of his at school would invite him over to their homes for a study session he could never return the favour. How could he bring friends or girls for that matter to a two-bit motel room in Hookerville USA? And with womanizing Dean around they wouldn’t be his friends or girl for very long.


“What did you just say to me?” John replied, stunned that his youngest son was daring to question a direct order.  

“I said no. I’m sick of being told what to do, this isn’t a life. Normal seventeen year olds don’t live out of motel rooms. They go to school, to college, get jobs. They don’t hunt werewolves and chupacabras!” Sam could feel his heart in his throat. He tried to calm himself by slowing his breathing. There was something about staring into his father’s focused Marine eyes that got him so riled up.

“Normal?! Why the hell would you want to be normal?” chimed in Dean. But one glare from John silenced him again.

“I’m sick of taking orders. It’s all I ever do: take orders from you and from Dean. I’m seventeen now, Dad! Soon I’ll be old enough to...” the strain in his voice caused Sam to stop mid sentence.

“Don’t talk back to me boy! That’s right, you are seventeen - still a child and you will follow orders whether they come from me or your brother, you understand?” Sam did but chose not to care.

John looked at the cheap clock on the wall - the paint was chipped and the number 3 had fallen off. He was running out of daylight. “We’ll continue this when I get back”.

After John slammed the motel room door shut Sam thought he heard his father cock his shotgun but it might also have been in his head.

Then Dean began to harp, “What the hell is the matter with you? You don’t question Dad’s orders!” Dean didn’t want to listen to Sam, “Whatever dude. I’m goin’ out to grab dinner. Want a burger?”

Sam’s eye twinkled, “Yeah sure. Extra fries?” he knew that’d take Dean an extra ten minutes or so to argue with the local diner over what constituted as extra fries. Dean was sure they were ripping him off. Dean rolled his eyes and nodded in agreement. Even after in intense argument Sammy always won out in the end. 

Sam knew he had to be quick if he wanted to get away before Dean came back. He also knew he had to play it smart. They hid for a living; hid their job from normal society, hid their illegal dealings from the authorities and now Sam would have to hide from Dean and John. He had some cash stored in his backpack, it wasn’t much but it was enough to catch a bus somewhere. He figured if he got far enough he could start a new life - away from Dean and far away from John. Sam hurriedly packed his things and ran for the door. One last look at the messy motel room only spurred him to echo his father and slam the door shut.

*                     *                             *                             *                             *

Two buses and numerous flickering lights later brought Sam to Flagstaff. He smiled. Dean and Dad were towns away and for the first time in his life he was free - free to do whatever he wanted without taking orders from either of them.

After eating at the local diner Sam sought out a placed to sleep. Whenever they were on the road he’d curl up on the back seat and fall asleep while looking up at the starry sky. Now the Impala’s comfy back seat wasn’t going to cut it. Eventually he found a vacated apartment, it was littered with furniture from the previous owner but the fridge was empty.

Over the next few days Sam redecorated his apartment with one-cent postcards of all the places he’s been and all the places he now could go without Dean pulling him by the collar. That made him smile and hungry.

Sam opened the pizza box letting out the steam of his hot dinner.

At that same moment many towns away Dean was sitting at the cheap table staring blankly at the now cold pizza he’d left out since lunch.

It had been days since Sam ran away and soon John would be back. Dean had been searching for him the entire time but was coming up with nothing. It was obvious his little brother didn’t want to be found and had learnt too much about hiding his tracks from their father. 

Sam walked by the local cemetery on his way back to the apartment, his bag full of junk food swinging by his right leg. In what can only be considered as second nature to Sam he looked through the railing at the numerous graves. Only a few weeks ago he had been holding the flashlight for Dean as they had unearthed the grave of a vengeful spirit and salted and burned her bones, saving a local businessman from an untimely death. Sam shook it off.

No, he thought, that isn’t my life. I don’t want to spend my life digging up graves and hunting ghosts, I want to be a lawyer. It sounded nerdy even to Sam but it was what wanted, more than anything.

Suddenly he felt someone nudge the back of his leg; he turned around to see a large stray golden retriever sniffing his shopping bag looking for something to eat.

“Hey boy!” Sam said lovingly, “You hungry? Huh?” He gave the dog a Funyun from the open packet in the bag which he ate with glee. “Where did you come from?” Sam asked quizzically. The dog seemed to turn its head to the cemetery, probably because it heard a noise, but in doing so gave him his name - Bones. “Okay well I gotta go now, see ya boy”, Sam said and continued walking home; soon though, he noticed “Bones” was following him.

It’d been almost a week since Sam and Dean had seen each other and while Sam was enjoying his freedom, Dean was scouring the tri-state area looking for his rebellious younger brother. He’d tried Sam’s cell phone but of course he’d ditched the sim long ago. Dean stopped at every motel and truck stop he came across asking locals if they’d seen a “tall, lanky pain in the ass” but no one fit that description, only his Sammy. Running on fumes, both Dean and the Impala, he only stopped searching once he finally had to admit the impossible - maybe Sam was dead.  

On the contrary Sam was living it up rebel style. With an apartment lined with empty pizza boxes, packets of Funyuns, Mr. Pibb and beer bottles (he’d had beer since he was fifteen, Dean called it a ‘right of passage’ to have a beer to celebrate his first kill) Sam was living day by day on the money they’d made hustling pool and poker games to his chagrin. He was smart, he didn’t use the credit card John had obtained for the boys – Mark Harrison and his two sons Han and Luke - he knew it’d be one of the first things Dean checked.

Two weeks had passed since Sam ran out on Dean’s watch. Two weeks of searching, two weeks of freedom. Both brothers had had polar experiences. Dean was sick with worry, he hadn’t eaten for two days, and he was beside himself as to how to tell John Sam had run away on his watch. He’d already messed up as a kid, left his post and it had almost cost Sammy his life. After that, John had looked at Dean different, it wasn’t colder but it was indescribably different. There was less trust in his eyes. He’d have to do it, he decided. He’d have to tell John, be up front about it, look him in the eye and tell him that his son was missing and presumed dead.... he did have to do it right?

John came in, physically and emotionally wrecked from the hunt. He laid his shotgun on the table beside him, a fact Dean made sure to check before opening his mouth.

“What did you just say to me?” the mirrored words echoing the fight he’d had with Sam two weeks ago. “What do you mean your brother is gone?” John demanded. His Marine toughness made the anger in his voice intensify tenfold.

Dean swallowed hard and repeated “He’s gone.... Sir. I went out to get us dinner the night you left and when I came back he’d gone. I’ve been driving around for the last two weeks; I haven’t been able to find him. He’s covering his tracks good.” Dean could see none of this mattered to his father.

“Two weeks?!” John roared. “Two weeks your brother has been off God knows where and you don’t see fit to pick up a phone and tell me?” Dean could see John’s fist starting to clench. Would he ever... really?

 “Sir, I thought I’d find him. He’s never run off before. I figured he’d wonder back by Monday to go to school but he never showed.”

John wasn’t having any of it. “It’s your responsibility to watch him while I’m on a hunt. You’ve been doing it for years, years Dean and now you tell me you let him run off... on his own?!” John was moving closer to Dean, fist still clenched.

“I didn’t let him do anything. He ran off. I’ve been up for days looking for him while you were out, your son!” Dean was surprised at the anger in his voice. Where did that came from, he wondered. He could see John wondered that too as he took that last part offensively and lifted his fist to hit Dean. He’d been angry before, hell he’d wanted to throttle Dean after the Shtriga but he had never hit him, and he didn’t now. John, seeing the dark path that single swing would lead him down looked into his son’s remorseful eyes and lowered his hand, unclenching his fist in the process. John instead took his undeniable anger out on the cheap metal chair, which scrapped across the lino.  Neither Dean or John could meet the other’s eye for a while after that. Dean put his hands over his tired eyes not knowing what to do next.

Sam took his hands away from his eyes after he’d rubbed them awake. He’d been on his own for two weeks and had a blast. He and Bones had lived like bachelors, played ball and they’d lived off Funyuns and Mr. Pibb. Sam looked at the mess of empty junk food packets that had seemed to multiply as the days had gone by and let his mind think of Dean and how he’d always leave his rubbish laying around which annoyed Sam to no end. He had always been the tidy one, but even he thought its fun to make mess once in a while; he smiled at the thought of him thinking like Dean then cleared his throat and the smile faded into hunger. There was nothing left to eat.

On the way back from the local store Sam walked passed a car stopped at a set of lights. It was an old beat up ’65 Mustang. Inside was a family of three, a father and two sons. The father in the driver’s seat smiled when he looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of his two young sons playing in the back. Sam stood there and watched the younger boy extend his army man to his older brother who took it and started playing with it to make his little brother happy. Sam felt a warm feeling inside his gut and realised he needed to go back to his family.

He found a payphone and called Dean’s cell. “Dean, it’s me. I’m in Flagstaff.”

John and Dean were there in a couple of hours. Sam could see the effect his leaving had had on his brother and his heart sank. He looked at his father and prepared for the worst; yelling, swearing maybe a swing or two he was ready to bear it all and shut his eyes tight. Instead he felt John wrap his arms around him and hug him tightly.

“Don’t you ever do that again, you hear me!” Sam never forgot those words, not even when he left for real.

Dean later asked Sam what made him come back. Sam simply replied: “You”.  


Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

This one is really for the fans :D


Paris opens the door to her trailer and is joined by her sister and they discuss her role on Supernatural.

“Ugh! Your make-up is hideous, what kind of creature are you playing again?”

Paris pauses, thinks really hard and responds

“I’m not filming today…”

Her sister then assures her she looks “dope” and they are happily distracted by the shiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling. (This goes on for some time).


On Set:

The director announces

“Okay, so we’re about to shoot the kiss scene. Where are the boys?”

The entire crew point down the road where two guys can be seen running for the hills.

A crew member hands the director a note left by the Js that reads: We draw the line at kissing a blow up sex doll.


Later that day:

While filming the fight scene Jensen’s stunt double Todd is nicked by Paris who screams

“Ugh! I think I just broke a nail?! Cut!” and proceeded to trot over to the make-up trailer for a ‘touch-up’.

The director, understandably angered yells out

“I’m the only one who can say Cut, especially not HER!”


Final day of filming:

Paris busily tweets about her time on the Supernatural set

Jared and Jensen were so nice. They totally are my new BFFs. I’m like a totally real actress. Maybe now daddy will raise my allowance now that I’m working so hard. Oops, gotta run, my Jacuzzi is ready.


Unfortunately after this final tweet Paris was hit by a car that witnesses describe as a big black muscle car, possibly an Impala but they were too busy laughing to be sure.

Episode 6: Twitter Con (Misha Collins Special)

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.


This is absolute crack. I do not mean any harm to those mentioned so please don't take offense. This is purely for entertainment. Blame Misha and his awesomeness. He started this whole thing :D

Spoilers up to 4x22. Filled with King Misha awesomeness. You have been warned!

“In breaking news Misha Collins has been released from his underground prison where he was reportedly held hostage by the ruthless H.M. There he was forced to have tea with no biscuit, flip through the family photo albums and his only means of communication with the outside world was through his Twitter, where he was able to make contact with his Minions, who stormed the castle to save their Master. Now back on his home soil Collins has been bombarded with journalists wanting the scoop of the century. Collins told them all to FUCK OFF and has said he will only share his experience with his Minions, not blood sucking leeches who don’t even watch Supernatural.


The show may be on its summer hiatus but the boys of Supernatural are making the rounds at numerous fan conventions, joined with them by Misha Collins, who was recently named Supernatural Fandom King by the fans. They attended the recent All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural OzCon in Sydney where the fans got to see a whole new side to their beloved angel. The highlights are as follows”, reported Jason C from The CW Source.


Twitters from Misha’s panel:

-          Misha walks out on stage to start his panel with his cell phone in hand. Announces he’s tweeting about walking out on stage to start his panel. Says his head hurts. Bless him.

-          OMG! The twitters are up on the big screen. Misha is reading them out loud answering their questions too. WIN

-          Says he is still weak from his time in prison. May need Jared to bring him some food, seeing as Jared lost the bet over who would save King Misha and is now his slave.

-          Jared came out on stage and placed a crown on Misha’s head. He is now the King of the Fandom. LMAO he just started fanning King Misha. EPIC WIN!


Misha then took questions from the audience, whom he wished all had microphones because he was missing half the jokes. He was asked the usual “Has anything supernatural ever happened to you?” the strange “Can I touch your hair?” and the down right weird “Have you ever answered a question seriously?” and of course Misha replied “Escort her out! She broke the rules! She asked me about my personal relationship with questions!”


One of the more memorable questions was when an audience member asked Misha “If Castiel wasn’t wearing his signature trench coat (audience laughs and cheers) what would you want to see him wear?”

Misha’s reply sent him off on to a long tangent.

“Well, I’d like to see Castiel in a Hawaiian shirt and a sombrero. Season 5 is going to be *spoilers* Castiel taking a much needed vacation in Hawaii. He’ll be sitting on the beach drinking mimosas watching the sunset”.

Someone called out “What would Jensen think?”

Misha continued “Dean will comment: ‘How come you’re so tanned?’ and Castiel will flip out saying ‘I just quit my job in the middle of a global financial crisis! It’s the end of the world; give me a break will ya?’ He deserves some time off before his long string of countless job interviews over the summer and joining the Angel Unemployment Line. Funnily enough is where Anna has been hiding out”. He also commented that if this was true, he’d never get to make the Celestial dry-cleaning joke again which is a shame as its one of his favourites.

Misha also got asked who he would cast as Lucifer. His answer was Miley Cyrus. The auditorium erupted with laughter and cheers. If there was any doubt before that he was the King of the fandom, there isn’t anymore.


Misha made comments on the amount of people in the room and called them fangirls. Someone shouted something out and he responded: Am I a fangirl? Damnit, my cover is blown! Yeah it was kind of a rag to riches story. The little fangirl who could.


He was asked what theme music he’s want for Castiel and he said the Beverly Hills Cop theme. At that exact second the theme music began to play. Misha thanked the DJ: ‘Mr. Wizard you are amazing’ and proceeded to ask how many of his Minions were in the room.

Almost every hand in the room shot into the air and he laughed happily to himself and wrote on his Twitter:

King is with his subjects. I like Australia. They have candy.


Remember way back when Misha was set to make his first appearance at a Supernatural convention and all the fans were really protective of his Convention cherry being popped and there was a big wave of ‘oh be gentle, he’s new to the whole fandom thing. Don’t scare him away, don’t corrupt him…’ it should have been the other way around. We’ve been corrupted by him. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was told about the cons. He is taking over the fandom one con at a time.

Writing is HARD

OzCon Day 1 Report

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First off I want to start by saying a HUGE thank you and “Your Awesome” to The Hub for organizing the event. I’m sure they are much more prepared and organised on Day 2 then what they were on Day 1. And to the lovely Ozchicks, without whom none of this would be possible: OzChicksUnite (Clare (swiftvixen), Kaz (Lamington), Sarah (Deandreamin), Jenna (Jensen_Jenna), Maritza (ImNotAPrincess), Bex (Bexta89) and Jodie (Jensen_Jo) Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to such a wortwhile cause. You all deserve medals for making our Supernatural dreams come ture. It’s been my pleasure helping you achieve your goal. Hope you all have a fantastic time at the con, with Jared, Jensen and Misha. Of course, I also need to thank the Hahns- Dana and Kristi for allowing me to be apart of their podcast. I love writing in each week and will continue to do so for many episodes to come.

Thanks again girls. Love ya.


Now as we all know Dana’s a Sam Girl and Kristi’s a Dean Girl (like me) but they both LOVE Cas, I mean, who doesn’t? So of course once I found out Misha Collins was also attending the OzCon I knew I needed to score a photo and guess what: I did. He is super sweet. He asked me my name before we hugged for the photo. He isn’t as big as the Js but just as huggable and down to earth. Reall nice guy- and funny too. Think I was lucky? My friend Lisa, was the last one to get her photo taken with him and apparently got a kiss on the cheek!


While the photo ops went on in the lobby they played some episodes for everyone else in the auditoruim, and we got to chose which ones we wanted to see, how were they chosen? Loudest cheer wins!! Natrually LR was the first shown- an ep close to my heart seeing at September 18 is my birthday- I still think that’s cool. Dean is brought back from Hell and the introduction to Castiel- it was the perfect present. Other eps they played were YF, MS and TT. Glad they played funny ones. I’m a cry baby when it comes to this show so I would have had to leave the auditorium if they had played H&H, FR (gives me the creeps), OTHOAP and others.


Misha’s panel was first. He has a really cool intro. All thee boys had what looked like fan made music vids. When Misha walked on stage the fans screamed with excitement. An angel on stage-  not many fans get this opportunity. Some highlights from Misha’s panel were:

-         We have established Castiel is a wuss. Stab him with a knife, he doesn’t flinch. Hit him a coupple of times and he’s on the ground. I love that Misha takes the piss out of his own character. Great sense of humour.

-         He admires the angels superpowers- celestrial drycleaning.

-         A fan asks what he thinks now that we have established now there is a God and he throws a question back to the fan asking “Who says there is a God?” “Who’s to say he is around?” Misha laughs at the idea that he’s asking a fan a question. That was totally going to be my question but I didn’t ge the chance AWW

-         He mentioned the clothes Cas wears although celestrial dryclean are dirty and crinkled. He commented that one time he stuck his hand in one of the pockets and pulled out something he had put in their six weeks prior. EWWW!

-         Misha confirmed the fan used in MATEOTB Sympatico is real and he ponders what it would be like to stalk a fan. This guy is great. I’d gladly be stalked by Misha. He also mentioned that this is one of his favourite eps, along with Ghostfacers and AVSC. He also loves the Prophet Chuck!!! Who couldn’t love that guy. He did a great job.

-         As with all cons an awkward question was brought up about his human vessel (apparently called Walter?? Never heard that before) and brought up Dean/ Cas slash.

-         One of the best bits of his panel had to be his answer to: Who would you cast as Lucifer? Miley Cyrus!! That’s it I was gone. He’s just awesome.

-         Misha mentioned how proud he was of the fans- he said how all he has to do is give just the slighest hint of a smirk and we’re all “wow, Castiel has such emotion!” Awww he’s like a proud puppa.

-         Misha told us Kripke got the idea for angels while in the bathroom, though he doesn’t want to know what else he was doing at the time.

-         It was confirmed angels were only meant to have a small part in the series but the arc grew from there. Probably from our reaction to his performance. Go Misha!!

-         All of the guests were given FanTales. Which is basically caramel covered in chocolte with star trivia on the wrapper. Misha threw some into the audience but he didn’t throw them that far.


There was lunch after Misha’s panel, that’s when I ran into a couple of my online friends. Hi to everyone over on the Supernatural IMDB boards and my fellow Snozzies, I love you all.


Jared’s panel was next and you know I was excited to see Jared again. I hadn’t seen either of the Js yet because I missed out on photo ops with them in the morning.

Oh side note: when I was in line for a photo with Misha in the morning The Hub staff went all through the line and asked if there was anyone else for Jensen and Jared, there wasn’t. Everyone in line was waiting to meet Misha. He was popular!! Also J photo ops were sold out long before the con.


Jared of course was a riot during his panel. He is sporting a full on beard at the moment. Normally I don’t think scruff suits him but he looked hot. He of course got stuck right into the FanTales and spent a good while picking the caramel off of the top of his mouth. It was quite funny, he was warned. He of course threw some into the audience and they went further than Misha’s to which he said “DUH!” he then said “so did this” and proceeded to drop one in front of him. I love that he picks on Misha. Misha said in his panel that he heard Jared won’t prank him becuause he thinks he can’t take it. But one of the funnies things was seeing this 6 foot kid swinging round on the swivel chair he was on.

All three commented on how they felt like professors being in a univertsity auditorium and Misha even said he’s teach us some physics. One man right up the back in the nose bleed section yelled out “Woo yeah physics” which seemed to please Misha. I’m not a science fan but if Misha’s teaching me, I’d listen.

Highlights from Jared’s panel inclide:

-         Him telling of how hard it was to get out of the Red Bull cart a the charity race he and Jensen did in Vancouver. If you haven’t seen this, youtube right now!

-         When asked about Sam getting darker this season, Jared chimmed in with “I’ve been tanning” Does this get any better?

-         Just the other day in San Fransico at Starbucks someone confused him for Zac Efron??? That person needs to be shot.

-         He was asked about the change in Sam’s wordrobe in Season 3 and basically said what I’ve been thinking that at the beginning Sam’s clothes reflected that he was still trying to be just another college kid who didn’t want the hunter lifestyle and by Season 3- 4 he’s accepted the lifestyle and has grown into a man, same as Jared. (Body of a 26yr old, mind of a three year old, I’d say but we love him for it)

-         He thinks the angel storyline has brought a new dynamic to the show. I agree.

-         He likes 4x21. Can’t wait to see it.

-         Jared was asked what he’d do if he was in control of the show “Hawaii” was his answer. The fan then said “No I meant the plot” Jared: “Oh..”

-         He was asked about Colin Ford and his Sammy mannerisms in ASS (awww little Sammy is love) he said they spent some time together so he could get the mannerisms down. Also, Colin is a fan of the show himself.

-         At the end of his panel Jared signed a plain white t-shirt which was then auctioned off to help the Starlight Foundation. After one hell of an auction the shirt sold for $1200. The winner was sitting a few rows behind me and comemented “its for a good cuase, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it”. I’m sure the fact that Jared’s “man jiuce” (belive it or not, his words) was all over it and he drew an “atomically correct” picture of himself and Jensen, Jim as well as trying to attempt the characterture from Bedtime Stories (which it turns out was not his drawing)

-         One fan started an Aussie Chant for Jared and he enjoyed it immensly.


Jensen was out next but not before Eye of the Tigert won over another episode to bide the time. We all clapped along with the beat. Phil, I hope you know how much the fans love you for making it this big. That is pure gold.

Jensen looked scruffy too. He claimed in his panel it is kind if his way of getting away from Dean for a bit, which makes sense. He plays Dean for like what 9 months out of the year, that’s like a woman being pregnant. I’m sure after a while your like “get this thing out of me”. He quoted Johnny Depp and said that sometimes you loose youself in a character so it’s nice to step away for a bit. He also mentioned that his girlfriend liked the beard. I do too. Jensen had heard some of the audio back stage and wanted an Aussie chant to, and we gave him one. I’m surprised I’m not deaf. I had a couple of Jensen screamers behind me.

Highlights from Jensen’s panel:

-         Jensen was all about the craft, he was funny thought he made many jokes at Jared’s expense. And when asked if he and Jared were buddies he blatantly said “I hate his guts”

-          When he was asked what show he’d like to be a PA on he said Lost because they film in Hawaii and with a cast of like 30 or so they only work a few days a week.

-         He said they film in less than freezing tempretures in Vanvouver and sometimes they’ll have bottles of water that have frozen solid. Aww our poor boys. I hope the entire Supernatural crew know how much we appreciate them.

-         He commented on how he doesn’t normally suggest changes to the character than what’s written. They writers seem to know they pretty well. Jared touched on this too.

-         He confirmed Kripke stepped up to direct this season’s finale, after the loss of Kim. R.I.P. Kim!

-         He was asked what was it that attracted him to MBV. His answer: 3D, and the people who had signed onto it.

-         He was asked about TIH, and how long it took to get the Priestly make-up done everyday. He said at first it took a long time but after a while they got it done fairly quickly. The tatts were airbrushed, the beard was all his own. Though he said at one point he shaved and then they discovered they needed to film another scene and needed the beard back to he had to sit there while the make-up artist stuck on inidivual hairs. He said he wanted to kill himself.

-         Jensen was asked if he’d sing for us. He of course laughed and said “I’m not going to sing for you” and made a crack about how funny it would be if someone just randomly came out with a guitar. He looks at the door Jared and gone through and sid “you missed your cue” which is totally Jared otherwise we wouldn’t have the Eye of the Tiger which Jared assures was all him “So thank me”

-         At the end of his panel Jensen signed a plain white t-shirt similar to Jared and instead of wearing it and awkwardly drawing on it Jensen did the smart thing and used the podium to draw on, but not before cleaning up the FanTale mess Jared had left behind calling him a slob, saying this is why we can’t have nice things. Jared poked his head out and yelled “I’m not a slob” or “You’re a slob”.

-          Jensen’s t-shirt sold for: wait for it…. Over $4000. Jensen was sweating as the bidding went up and both Js were wipping their sweat on the shirt which seemed to raise the bidding up. Jensen even tried his hand as an auctioneer. He was hilarious. A random audience member then called out “Can we see Jared’s face when you tell him?” and Jensen said “Oh he already knows”. I was then waiting for Jared to pull a Darth Vader “NOOOOO!”


After the panels it was autograph time. I got in line and pulled out the presents I had brought for the boys and my copy of my fanfiction: Tales From The Krip which I had brought with me to get signed. I got up to the table and explained the fanfiction to Jensen, who was kind enough to flip through it quickly and even commented on how great it seemed “Kripke getting Kripked”. He signed the front cover and I gave him his present: an Aussie beer holder. In his panel he was asked about all the beer they drink in the show and he said it was non alcoholic or what they call Near Beer. He thanked me for it and said he’d use it. Danneel was there too. She was sitting behind them looking at the presents fans had given them. A woman a couple of people up from me gave them a boomerang each and Jared proceeded to poke Danneel with it. Jensen then pointed at Jared and said “Hey, get your own boomerang”. The woman confirmed she had one for Jared too and Jared was very happy.


I passed my fanfiction on to Jared to sign and explained it to him. He signed it happily and I left but not after giving him his beer holder which he said he’d use right away. Well, they were going to the cocktail party later… just sayin’


You know I wasn’t that nervous talking to them. Surrpising huh? Maybe because it all happened so quickly but I thought it was very nice that they both looked me in the eye when I spoke to thm. Sure my hands were shaking, with excitement but nothing too bad. 


They were very busy boys. I didn’t see Misha during the autograph session I think he was off to the other side. There were a lot of people to get through so it was hard to get a conversation in but they were really nice.


After I made my way back to the front doors I then waited in line to collect my photo with Misha, which turned out really well. He looks so cute. I signed up for a copy of the official dvd they are making and can not wait as I won’t be there for the second day, which sucks but it is too expensive. P.S. Day 2’s Twitters sound amazing!


The only merchanise I bought was some fan made badges from the Fan Art stall. They read: WWDWD?, I <3 Kripke and YA IDGIT! I hope I can meet Jim and Kripke one day!

Link to photos: http://s729.photobucket.com/albums/ww292/em-spn18/

Link to The EMF Podcast (mention of my time at OzCon, listen for my continuing thoughts and how the ay panned out. Also a great discussion of the show)

Keep an eye out for more

Writing is HARD


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This is a dark day for people everywhere. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry, a friend, loved one or just a fan who devotes themselves to a little show called Supernatural, one thing is for sure Kim Manners touched you.

Known for being the leading director and executive producer on Supernatural, as well as a long and prosperous career in TV Kim was also known as a prankster and loyal friend.


Many times the Js rehashed the beloved ‘Bee Story’ and many a time the fans watch and rewatch the Season 2 gag reel with Jared’s “I love you Kim” and the infamous No Exit prank. This is the man who, when the J’s were in a room with thousands of bees with no protection discarded his suit and stepped into the room in shorts and a t-shirt. He was there for the boys and the show. For that I commend him.


Each time Supernatural bowed in and out for another season we didn’t know what was in store for Sam and Dean but we knew one thing for sure; it was a guarantee: Kripke would write and Manners would direct.


Alas this is no more but one thing that remains is whatever happens to the brothers Winchester from now on will be in honour of the man who helped get them this far.


Kim, you will live on through your work and through Sam and Dean.

May you rest in peace.



Writing is HARD

Episode 5: Fandæmonium

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

“This is it. After countless hours and millions of entries the results are in. The winners the Official Supernatural Set Tour are…” announced Jason C from The CW Source.
Supernatural Set: Vancouver
“Welcome to the Supernatural set. As competition winners you’re going to get to see the inner workings of the show and we might even get to see one of the show’s stars. Now, some of the crew doesn’t like to be seen on camera. They’re elusive and camera phobic; rarely are they ever caught on camera- kind of like Big Foot. So it is at this point that I ask you to hand over any  phones, cameras and basically anything that has the ability to film, to stop spoilers from spreading” the tour guide told the three lucky winners. In a large sack they placed their phones, blackberries, sidekicks, iphones and cameras; all of which almost filled the sack entirely.
First they were taken to meet the man himself- ERIC KRIPKE. He was sitting in an office making adjustments to yet another script that they couldn’t afford to film. The tour guide introduced,
“Mr. Kripke, these are the competition winners: 1, 2 and 3”.
Kripke got up and shook hands with each of them, always happy to meet a fan; he asked what their favourite episodes were, they answered
1:“The Pilot”
2: “What Is and What Should Never Be”
3: “Jus In Bello”
At this Kripke said he was a fan of all of them and told them the story of the fan at the recent Comic Con who said she had gotten the tattoo only to reveal it was henna. 1 then proclaimed
“I got it for real”.
“Holy crap! You got the tattoo?!” Kripke exclaimed
She then pulled her shirt down slightly to reveal the overtly large Supernatural tattoo that sat in the same position as Sam and Dean’s.
 “We truly are a cult hit. I have to tell Sera” Kripke raced back to the desk and picked up the phone to dial Sera down in LaLa Land and tell her about the fan tattoo. 
After leaving Kripke to his phone call the tour guide called to the fans to follow him, but found that 1 had disappeared. Now with one short the tour guide took them over to the food cart, informing them the food was free and if they were hungry to get as much as they wanted. When he introduced them to the caterer she said
“I didn’t know the set tour was today… nobody tells me anything!”
“Do you have enough food?” the tour guide asked
At that very moment Jared Padalecki walked past them with two full plates of food and with an eye for more; he smiled happily.
“Oh, well we did” the caterer said in a somber tone of voice and went back into the kitchen to prepare some more.
From off to the side a voice could be heard saying
“See what I gotta put up with”.
The tour guide then revealed
“This is why Dean eats so much on camera; it is the only time Jensen gets any food”.
Fan #2 went up to Jared to say hi. He smiled politely and shook her hand.
“I brought you a present, Jared”, and handed him a card and package which he happily opened. The card was home-made and had a picture of the two of them on the front in the middle of a lavish red love heart. He smiled and looked inside. There, she had added photo shopped images of what their future kids would look like; he smiled awkwardly. He opened the package to find an assortment of confectionery and gave an ear to ear smile.
“This is happiness for me”, and headed for his trailer, appetizers and candy in toe.
Mysteriously, 2 also seemed to disappear at this point but the tour guide continued the tour anyway. That led them to the location where they were about to shoot a scene.
Climbing out of a dirt hole in the ground was Jensen Ackles. 
He walked up to the tour guide and 3 and introduced himself,
“Hi I’m Jensen Ackles; you may remember me from the award-winning series Dawson’s Creek”.
“My god, you are attractive” said 3 in amazement.
“Thanks… but no time for that now” Jensen said with a certain Dean-ish charm.
“Sorry I just- I can’t even concentrate, it’s like staring into the sun”, 3 said staring hopelessly into his beautiful hazel eyes.
It was then that 3 saw something on Jensen’s face (which was already dirty from the hole he had just climbed out of) and reached out, her hand lingering close to Jensen’s face before he realized what she was doing. She picked off a small dark eyelash off the actor’s cheek and blew it away after making a wish. Jensen thanked the fan and headed over to his trailer to bide the time before his next scene; 3 following.
The tour guide was now fanless.
Many Hours Later:
It seemed as though the tour guide was going to have to explain how he was able to lose three Supernatural fans, which might cost him his job when he walked over to where they were about to film. There he found all three competition winners deep in conversation with different crew members. He questioned them on where each of them had disappeared to but no one ever found out, they just individually sang, 1:“He signed this”, 2: “This is his hair” and 3:“This is his dry cleaning bill… four sweater vests”.
Kim Manners called out to the cast and crew
“Okay, now that we have that under control and everyone’s here were going to do that scene again. They say it’s better the second time. They say you get to do the weird stuff”
The fans then sung in unison
“We do the weird stuff”.

Writing is HARD

Episode 4: Switch

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

Sam picked the lock to the shop and the boys snuck in. They looked around; they were surrounded by weird and mysterious items. Out of the corner of his eye Dean saw jars labeled ‘Eye of Newt’, ‘Toe of Frog ‘Wool of Bat’ and ‘Tongue of Dog’ and couldn’t wait to get what they came for and get out. Just passed a shrunken head Sam found it: the Orb. Dean reached out to grab it
“Remember what Bobby said; don’t touch it with your bare hands…” Sam warned but it was too late.
Dean held the glowing ball in his bare hands and laughed nervously
“Oops! What do I do now?”
“I told you not to touch it, you never listen to me!” Sam said annoyed
“Well who would want to listen to you Professor, just tell me what did Bobby say about touching the Orb, what happens?” Dean asked
Sam opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by the owner of ‘Spells, Curses and Hexes: We scare because we care’ who had come in from the back room when she heard a ruckus in the store.
“I thought I told you two fools to stay out of my store that Orb is sacred, anyone who touches it will….” She stopped suddenly when she saw Dean holding the Orb in his bare hand.
“Oh, you stealing from me? I’m gonna curse you so bad”, and she began to chant a mystical old spell in another language. Sam and Dean ran from the store, Orb still in hand.
Back at the motel room Sam yelled at Dean for getting them cursed and for touching the orb.
“Would you put that thing down, Ruby will be here any minute for it!” but Dean wasn’t listening, he was too busy admiring the smoggy orange ball in his hands.
“What do you think it does, I mean it doesn’t look like much. Remind me why we stole this for Ruby again” Dean countered.
“She said it contains a magical power of transference. I think the demons may want to use it against us so she’s planning on destroying it”, by now Sam was very irritated by Dean.
In a playful mood Dean called out to Sam and threw him the orb which he caught with his bare hands.
“You idiot, what’d you do that for? Now we’ve both touched it” and he turned the lights out and they both went to bed without another word.
“Dean… Dean, wake up… DEAN!”
Dean opened his eyes at the familiar voice and was confused as to why he was in Sam’s bed. He rolled over to see himself staring back at him. He looked the other Dean up and down in amazement and was utterly shocked by what it said next
“Dean, go look in the mirror”, Dean walked over to the bathroom and looked at the reflection. Only problem was, it wasn’t his it was Sam’s.
“OH MY GOD! No no no no, I’m Sam?! But how?”
Sam, who was now in Dean’s body said
“Your guess is as good as mine. I did some reading earlier on the Orb- turns out power of transference literally means ‘transferring one’s life-force from one being to another’ and the owner of the Orb turns out she’s legit, the real deal. Capable of doing all kinds of hoodoo mojo… could be either one, but we’ve gotta find out” Sam proclaimed
“You’re tellin’ me!” Dean (in Sam’s body) agreed and stared intensely into the mirror.
Later, after the boys had finally dressed themselves in their new bodies they went to the local bar to talk to some of the locals about the Orb and about the mystical owner of Spells, Curses and Hexes. There, they used the guise of journalists who were investigating the town’s folklore for a story. Dean under the name Jared Padalecki and Sam was Jensen Ackles.
They didn’t get much out of the locals; ghost stories and cranks and pranks mostly. Just then Ruby entered the bar and came up to them as they were introducing themselves with their fake names. She laughed and said
“Come on, Sam, Dean… I mean Jared Padalecki, where’d you come up with that, on a role playing game, random name generator?”
Dean (in Sam’s body) answsered
“Just some guy off Gilmore Girls”
Ruby, along with Sam (in Dean’s body) and everyone else at the bar said
“You watch Gilmore Girls?!”
Dean looked around nervously and walked away
“And what about you Dean; Jensen Ackles? Where’d you get a name like that?” Ruby asked
“Just some two-bit actor, never gets recognition for his work. Never mind that. Listen Ruby, Dean and I have switched bodies, I think it may be because of the Orb”, Sam exclaimed.
“You touched it, oh you stupid dicks! I knew I should have stolen it myself. Never send a human to do a demon’s job”, Ruby yelled in anger.
“Also could have been the creepy hoodoo priestess we pissed off… right now it’s 50/50. So we need you to help us figure out how we can switch back or else….”
“Dean Winchester, my my, wonders never do cease”, Sam was interrupted by the beautiful woman who had just walked up to the bar.
“I’m sorry I- I’m not …” Sam tried to explain
“It’s me Deany, Harriet don’t you remember? June 12th 2004, Sleep Easy Motel?” she reminded him. Sam tried to be polite but said
“No I…” she slapped him hard on the face and left in a huff.
Dean who was watching from afar laughed loudly as he walked up to his brother and said “Trust me, me not ringing her back was for the greater good. Woman owned an axe. But she had this sister…” he trailed off.
They entered the motel room with Ruby. Sam ducked under the door frame out of habit (even though in Dean’s body he was short enough) and Dean hit his head hard (because he wasn’t used to ducking). Sam laughed at this which aggravated Dean.
Ruby offered to take the Orb and ask one of her contacts how to reverse the transfer process while Sam and Dean planned to continue investigating the owner of the store to find out which caused their body swap.
Once Ruby had gone though the problems began to get worse: Dean tripped over Sam’s feet, Sam couldn’t reach the top shelf in the bathroom, Dean had to keep blowing Sam’s long hair out of his face and Sam found the red hand print on his cheek was starting to throb; but he eventually snapped when he saw Dean about to eat a batch of Darwinised fast food and said
“Don’t you dare put that food into my body! I’m very conscience of what I eat”
“I’ll say. You don’t eat anything!” Dean replied with a smile.
Sam looked angry at this remark and said
“Well, at least I’m not going to catch syphilis in the near future” Sam retorted.
“You wanna play hard ball… fine. I’m Sam and I mope around all the time and whine like a little girl when I don’t get my way and I have long ass hair that covers my damn eyes” Dean yelled.
“Well, I’m Dean. I’m loud, obnoxious and eat everything in sight!”
This went on for a while, calling each other names like ‘Sasquach’ and ‘Shrimp’ and resulted in both the boys punching themselves in the face, knowing that once they were switched back the other’d be in pain.
Kripke looked up from his notes and glanced around the room. Sera Gamble, Kim Manners and Ben Edlund were staring at him and Bob Singer sat comfortably in his chair, looking drowsy. He opened his eyes and said
“But what caused the switch?”
Kripke said
“I thought it was obvious…”

Writing is HARD

Episode 3: Nobody Really Likes Clowns

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

“Okay Supernatural fans, it’s that time of year again: Comic Con. Here with me to discuss our favourite show is creator Eric Kripke, and Sam and Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So guys, I’ve gotta say that was a riveting first five minutes, I’m sure fans can’t wait till the Season 4 premiere” introduced Jason C from The CW Source.

Kripke assured

“Oh no, that was Season 4. It’s all the network would allow… no, I’m just kidding. And even now there are hundreds of fans writing angry emails to The CW. How you like them apples?!”

Jared and Jensen laugh in sync.  

“No, we’ve got a pretty good line up so far. The writers and I are giggling like school girls in the writer’s room, which is quite a sight- I must say. I can’t say much but I can reveal that we’re doing another clown episode”, Kripke said slyly.

“Clowns? Jensen, I bet you were happy about that one? Tell us how that conversation went down” inquired Jason C.

“Oh it didn’t happen, I just read it. I was like ‘what the f-?’ No, they unfold things to us as we get the scripts, so until we make the phone call down there and go ‘what the hell are you doing?’… Ah, I remember flipping through that script and thinking ‘that’s gotta be a … typo”, Jensen said with a nervous laugh.

Jason C turned to ask Jared a question who is too busy doing the blue steel in the mirror on the wall next to him, so he asked Kripke

“So what is this clown episode about?”


“Well, it’s called ‘Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me’. Sam and Dean hear of a series of mysterious deaths- like there is any other kind on our show, and their investigation leads them to discover it is the ghost of a killer who died in a clown suit- we call him ‘The Killer Clown’…I think after this episode we would have successfully given all the fans a nice healthy dose of Coulrophobia”.

Jared butt in

“Of course, it’s meant to be Sam that hates clowns- we established that in Season 2 in some episode… but the ironic thing is that Jensen is scared of them- clowns and gutters. I remember when we shot this episode we actually had to walk over a gutter and Jensen just couldn’t do it. Took him like twelve takes before he’d even go near the thing. Bob Singer, our director for this episode had to basically take him aside and assure him that everything was okay”.

“What? No. That’s not what really happened” retorted Jensen.

“What did happen?” Jason C asked

“Well, sure I was freaked out- I mean who wouldn’t be but I didn’t make a big scene about it. It was Jared that was causing trouble while shooting this episode, not me!” Jensen went on to explain

“We were filming the goodbye scene first- as we do and Bob was like ‘okay well here’s the person you’ve just saved their life. You’ve been through a crazy traumatic experience and you’re saying goodbye- so really make it heart wrenching’ and Jared decides he’s going to play a practical joke on me. In the scene the line was ‘we’ve just stopped the evil clown apocalypse, can’t we celebrate’ and Jared’s line is supposed to be ‘No… blah blah blah, we need to keep hunting blah blah blah blah’ and Jared actually says ‘look out there’s a gutter behind you’ and I spin round so fast I actually fell over and ended up ripping my pants. So, ya know, I had to get him back. So I got one of the crew to phone Jared and tell him they were making a New York Minute sequel and wanted him to be in it- he screamed so loud, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, cause Jared pretty much screams like a girl”.

“I was so angry at Jensen; I yelled out ‘ACKLES- this means war!’ and for the rest of the shoot we were pranking and teasing each other till eventually it led to a slap fight in the Impala”, Jared said with conviction.

“They had to be separated by Bob Singer- he was like ‘Boys, settle NOW!’ it was the funniest thing on the dailies, we forgot we were watching Supernatural and were thinking of sending the tape in to America’s Funniest Home Videos- we’d win for sure” Kripke laughed.

“Slap fight? You guys are exaggerating again, aren’t you?” Jason C said confused

“No” they both said blatantly.


Jason C tried to change the subject

“So what else can we expect this season?”

Kripke begun

“Well this episode is special- it starts off as an everyday run of the mill ghost of a killer clown and then it leads to the boys posing as sing-o-grams. We thought we’d do a Supernatural Musical as it were. Turns out Jensen’s actually a darn good singer”

Jensen shook his head playfully

“Jared sucks out loud” Kripke added.

“We even made them do a song and dance number- I think fans’ll like this one” Kripke laughed.

Jason C asked sincerely


“No, this whole episode is a fake. We made it just to throw the fans off the scent of where we’re really going this season. I’m just screwing with you guys” Kripke said with a devilish grin.

Jensen said confused

“Wait… what?”

Writing is HARD

Episode 2: Crossover Blues

Posted on 2008.08.18 at 20:46
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

Writer’s Room:


Another day, another episode to write.

Kripke introduces the writers to the newest member of the team

“This is our new writer- New Writer. He’s going to be working with us”.

“Yep, hired me right off the street”, New Writer smiled.


“It’s not as bad as it sounds”; Kripke assured

“I tried him out for the weekend first”.


They all welcomed New Writer warmly and let him take the floor to pitch his idea for a Supernatural episode. 

“Well I was thinking Sam and Dean could travel back in time, but that’ll never work. So instead, I was thinking of a Gossip Girl crossover we-”

He was cut off by Kripke who yelled

“What? Are you high? That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard- and I thought of ‘The Boys In Boo’ but this trumps that”.

The other writers agreed

“How exactly would that work- Sam and Dean go hunting ghosts on the Upper East Side? I don’t think so” Sera said sarcastically.

“Well no, its just that Supernatural doesn’t get many viewers and Gossip Girl is so popular and gets so much promotion I thought-” New Writer defended

“Gossip- what…? Who sent you?” Kripke demanded, he was no fool, he knew he smelt a rat, and not just the one Jared had put in Kim Manners’ car that morning.

“Well, Dawn thought it’d be a good idea but I-”

“I knew it! Get Out!” Kripke gestured to the tall strapping security guards out in the hall and they grabbed New Writer and started escorting him out.

“How’d you afford security? I mean it’s not like you’ve got the money?” asked New Writer, whose head was only just visible over one of the guy’s bulging biceps.

“No, but we have the fans” laughed Kripke.

As the fan-paid guards started to take New Writer out he called back

“What about a Grey’s crossover? I hear Ellen Pompeo is available!”

“GET OUT!” the writers yelled.

New Writer was never heard from again.

Until he got a job writing for Gossip Girl- since then the ratings have been so bad even Demon O is ashamed.

Kripke yelled out to Demon O who was out in the hall listening to the commotion

“You’ll have to do better than that next time if you want this show off the air!”

Demon O cackled,

“I’ll get you Kripke and your little show too!” and disappeared back to her office, but not before hanging a “DO NOT DISTURB- SCHEMING TO END SUPERNATURAL” sign on her door.


Kripke sighed and said

“So, any other ideas?”

Ben said hopefully


“NO BEN!” the writers yelled in unison.


Later that day:


“A crossover with Gossip Girl- that’s ridiculous, the only show even remotely like ours on this network is Smallville… how would something like that even work?” huffed Sera.



                                    *          *          *          *          *


Sam and Dean are in the Impala driving along a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere- must be Thursday.

“So, give me the low down again?” asked Dean.

“K, so over the past seven years this town has been the centre of weird. I mean, mysterious deaths, unusual weather patterns, a flying man and lots of people whose initials start with the same letter- it’s just not normal” explained Sam.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa- as in alliteration?” Dean asked. Sam shot him a surprised look,

“What, I know things”, he assured his brother.


The boys turned onto the main road and headed into town. All of a sudden music began to play out of nowhere. The boys, both confused looked at the radio but it wasn’t on.

“Did you…” Dean was anxious, and thought maybe a demon might be about.

Sam said no and they cautiously continued into the town. The welcome sign read: SMALLVILLE, Kansas.

Sam and Dean were not used to hearing theme music.


They drove up to a farm house owned by the Kent family. Outside in the field they witnessed a young man with jet black hair and a lot of plaid throw at tractor over his shoulder.

They, instinctively thought demon and got out the holy water but found upon squirting him that it only made him wet.

“Jason?! I thought you were dead?” the young man said astounded, looking at a bewildered Dean.

“What? Who the hell are you?” he demanded.

“It’s me, Clark Kent- Superman before the glasses. If you’re not Jason Teague then who are you?” Sam and Dean explained they were hunters and came to Smallville to solve the case of the mysterious flying man.

“But I can’t fly… yet” exclaimed Clark.

At that moment Clark’s friend and sidekick Chloe Sullivan came up the drive way and caught Dean’s eye.

“Well hello, I’m Dean”. Chloe introduced herself to Dean and was confused. Not because he seemed to look a lot like Jason Teague- an extremely attractive man who died there only three years previous but as to why she had been pining over Clark for seven years.


“So if you’re not a demon how were you able to throw a tractor, let alone lift it? Are you special?” asked Sam.

“Special? Like ‘stop eating the paste special’ no, I’m an alien” assured Clark. He went on to explain to Sam and Dean how he originated from a planet called Krypton and has super powers.   


At that exact moment, as though timed right down to the last second a meteor came falling to Earth and hit Dean, leaving only a smoking crater next to Sam. Sam had an expression of complete and utter shock at the death of his brother.

“Not again” he said wearily, half expecting Asia to start up any second.

Clark and Chloe merely shrugged it off and said

“That happens a lot here”.


“Eric! Hay, Kripke! Wake up, it’s knock off time!” Kripke opened his eyes to see fellow writer Jeremy Carver staring back at him from across the room.

“What?” Jeremy asked concerned.

“I don’t know…” Kripke said confused, he looked around the room as if check was wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

“You alright?” wondered Jeremy.

“No, I think I… Man, I had a weird dream” he said.

“Yeah, clowns or midgets?” Jeremy inquired. 

Writing is HARD

Episode 1: Sealing the Deal

Posted on 2008.08.11 at 12:59
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke is the King of the Supernatural Universe. I do not know Kripke nor do I mean any harm, everything I write is fiction and is purely to entertain. I do not own quotes used from the SPN canon or fanon.

Today- Supernatural Writer’s Room:


For the 400th time Ben Edlund is trying to convince his fellow writers how his ‘wish fish’ idea can work.

“Ok, so Sam and Dean go fishing and catch this magical wish fish and-“

“No Ben, Okay! The wish fish thing is not happening so will you let it go already” asserted Sera.

“But it’ll really work this time, I swear-” Ben was trying his hardest to get the other writer’s on his side he even tells them he had written the fish it’s own theme music.

“No, I just don’t think it’s the right time” said Kripke, who sat at the head of the writers desk in his large, some would say overly-compensating throne. It was the colour red, but not just any red, fiery Hell red. It was so big that it took up most of the room around him.

“The theme song worked last time…” mumbled Ben to himself and put his wish fish folder away for the next meeting.

“Okay, now that we have that out of the way let’s get down to business. We’ve got Season 4 planned let’s start thinking about Season 5. We’re in the home stretch here people- only one more season to go” said the motivated Kripke.


“Actually, Demon- I mean Dawn wanted me to talk to you about that”, said a voice from the door. The writers looked to see Dawn O’s timid assistant standing there with a black folder in her hands. That could only mean one thing- Dawn O is canceling the show.

“I’m so sorry to tell you Mr. Kripke but Ms. O feels like there isn’t enough viewers or funding to warrant another season”, with that the assistant slunk away back into the slop that was Dawn’s office and was never seen again; only screams could be heard coming from behind the closed door. Rumour has it Dawn bit off her head after she was done with her.


“What are we going to do now? We don’t have enough money or resources to fund an off-network Dr. Horrible project or make a movie, we are so screwed”, worried Sera.

At this the other writers turned to look at their fearless leader who was oddly cavalier and captivatingly stroking the head of the Hell Hound carved in to the arms of his chair. He said

“Don’t worry, I have connections”, and smiled a devilish grin.


Later that day:


“So basically I want another season- oh and a movie deal. And can you like give me a remote that like when I flick a switch everyone around the world just automatically flips over to Supernatural and we get like a ga-zillion viewers ever week? No. Okay, just the season 5 and movie deal then” offered Kripke.  The visitor finally spoke and said

“What are you offering, cause you know I already have a Ferrari I don’t need another car”.

“Well, you’d get my soul” replied Kripke in a sly yet overtly casual tone of voice, as though he does this sort of thing all the time.

“I’ll think about it”, said the voice as he swung his swivel chair around to meet Kripke’s gaze. It was Satan.

“You don’t seal the deal with a- you know kiss, do you?” Kripke asked concerned.

“Because you’re cool and all, but I don’t swing that way”.

“We shake, but you do realize I’m only offering you one year and one year only”, replied Satan.

“One year’s cool. I only wanted to do 5 seasons anyway” and they reached over to shake hands when…

Satan’s minion crawled up beside her master’s swivel chair and whispered in his ear with a raspy voice

“You’d best watch out sire, he’s Eric Kripke- he knows things”. Kripke caught a glimpse of the minion’s face and saw what was left of a once ‘great thief”- it was Bela.

Satan turned back to Kripke who smiled at the King of the Damned and said

“So do we have a deal?”

They shook hands.


The Next Day:


“I don’t think we’ll be having any more problems” Kripke said slyly to his fellow writers.


One Year Later: 


“Eric Kripke’s Supernatural has gone out with a bang. The once thought to be cancelled TV show has given viewers the most epic ending to the horror series they could ever have hoped for. Kripke is in the process of negotiating a movie deal and will be issued with a formal apology by The CW’s CEO Dawn O in the near future, though the series creator was adamant about that being today specifically”, reported Jason C on The CW Source.


Sure enough the time had come for Kripke’s bill to come due. He was going to be dragged into Hell by Hell Hounds by the stroke of midnight. He farewelled his wife, family and friends and waited in the writer’s room for the clock to toll midnight.


“Dong, dong, dong” the opening to AC DC’s Hells Bells began to play, Kripke knew his time had come. The howling of the Hell Hounds made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. This was it. He closed his eyes and….

Nothing. 00:01 and he was still alive.

“What’s the deal. It’s been a year. Where’s the Hell Hounds, the Hell’s BBQ, the eternal damnation? Dean got all that and then some, where’s the Kripke love?”

“You watch too much TV”, said Satan as he entered the room. He sat in his favourite swivel chair and offered Kripke a seat to explain things.

“So, what’s the deal?” asked a confused yet oddly happy Kripke.

“How are we gonna do this thing?”

“We’re not”, said Satan.

“I realese you from our deal”.

“Wha-? Why?”

Satan took a minute and then finally revealed

“Because that was the best f-ing show on TV since Golden Girls. I can’t keep your soul. It’s too tarnished anyways. You need to go on and make this Supernatural movie and show people just how f-ing great this show is. But if you want I can turn Dawn O into a goat”.

“No thanks, I think she’s suffered enough. After the apology the fans strung her up onto a flag pole with a flag on it saying Supernatural is the shit”.


So Kripke got his 5 seasons. His evil plan had worked- now to finish off the story of the brothers Winchester he plans to do a feature length movie where Sam and Dean literally jump a shark- KIDDING.

Episode 2 coming soon...

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